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Spring is in the air this means it’s time to get your lazy ass off the couch and go outside. Chilling in the park is always a nice idea if the sun is shining or visiting the St. Petersberg in Maastricht. Yet, there are some other things you can also do during the spring/ summer...


Hello lovely sharks!   My name is Simone, and this is my third year as a student in Maastricht and as a member of Tiburón. Last semester, from September till December, I was on exchange in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Lisa asked me to write a little something for you all about my experience there, so...

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This is already the last blog post in regards “A day in the life of a board member” in this last and special edition, you will not only get the life story of one but two board members😏.   Without any further ado let’s get right into the life of Julian…    Hey sharks,    It is finally my turn to...

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Hai Sharks, Since this blog series is called “Day in the life of..” I will be telling you about one of my days. My days differ a lot from each other, some days I can relax and watch Netflix almost all day, others I have meeting after meeting and a lot of studying to do....

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Okee, so this week it is my turn for the series “A Day in the Life of …”, in other words me, Victor, the President. I already apologize for the huge monologue that is about to come forth from my fingertips. You would have guessed they would reconsider after all those times that they asked me to write...

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Hellooo! My name is Jorg, and I’m Tiburón’s activity coordinator. Today, I’ll be kicking off the new series of blog posts that will be explaining the ins and outs of a board function! My function basically entails that I have to plan and organise the activities of our lovely association. I do this together with...

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Hi Sharkies! I hope you are all doing well inside and outside the pool. My name is Nina and I was a Tiburon member during my masters studies last year at University of Maastricht. Last 6 months I spent at an exchange in Sydney, Australia so let me share with you how a life of...

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  Once a month we’re getting a clinic. This time two of our best swimmers, Manon and Simon, gave us a breaststroke clinic. They showed us the focus points of this specific stroke. For example, while kicking you should try to keep your knees as close to each other as possible. You can practice this while using a pullboy between your legs....

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Hey Sharkies, we got a new website that has a special blog section and decided to use this feature this year, in addition to our club magazine. In this first edition of our blog, you can read two amazing stories from our very own members on what you can expect at our student competition (NSZK)...



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