Blog postBoard introduction #5 Swimcoördinator Linde


Hi everyone!

Today it is my turn to introduce myself, first things first: I’m Linde, 19 years old and this year I will be the swimco of Tiburón! I grew up in Renkum, a really small village next to Wageningen. I lived in Renkum my whole life, with my two older brothers and parents. As I started swimming for my diplomas when I was younger, my brothers and dad were already members of the swimming association in Renkum, so when I finally got my diplomas, I could also become a member. The first few years there, my dad was my trainer, and he taught me well ?. Since then, I followed the footsteps of my brothers and never stopped swimming. Even my mother started swimming and we became a typical ‘swimmers-family’. This includes nonstop conversations about swimming, having competitions every weekend, and getting up in the mornings at 5 (2/3 times a week, I can’t believe I actually survived).

A little more than one year ago, I came to Maastricht to study Biomedical sciences. In high school I already knew that I wanted to join a swimming association in the city where I would go studying, and luckily this was Tiburón. Tiburón has made me experience the real student life (at least before corona) with the best parties and nicest people. Last year I was able to experience 3 NSZK’s which were one of the most amazing weekends ever. As you might have seen since I’m almost more often on the side of the pool than in the water, I’m not that competitive anymore. But however, I still love to swim and will never stop loving the feeling <3.

Since my oldest brother has been Swimco of the Golfbreker a few years ago, he now and then tells me random stories from that year which sound so great, that it made me enthusiastic to do a board year as well. These stories also had impact on my other brother, because he is the president of Golfbreker this year (which will definitely result in a lot of discussion about which association is better). So, this year I will be the one writing the practices and hopefully when we can swim NSZK’s again, signing everyone up for these weekends! So if you ever have suggestions or questions about practices, hit me up.

See you soon!

Linde van Duinhoven

Swimcoordinator 2020-2021