Blog postBoard Introduction #4: Swimcoordinator Jasmijn


Hello dear Sharks! The 19th Board of Tiburón was installed on Wednesday 18 September and we are introducing ourselves to you one by one in the Board Introduction blogs. It is already time for part four of the Board Introduction-series, and in this edition our brand new swimcoordinator Jasmijn will tell you more about herself:

Hola Sharkies!

I’m Jasmijn and I will be your swimcoordinator this year. I’m from the Achterhoek (or backcorner if you will) which is a region in the east of the Netherlands. The Achterhoek is famous for its festival ‘de Zwarte Cross’ and of course the best beer: Grolsch (nee nee Twentenaren, Grolsch komt origineel zeker niet uit Enschede)! So if you’re up to drink a nice beer or want someone to show you that there definitely aren’t just farmers living in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands, you can always come up to me!

Next to that I’m a second year health sciences student and this is my second year at Tiburon as well. I’ve swum my entire life and started doing it competitively when I was 11 year old, so it wasn’t a difficult choice for me to go and swim with Tiburon! At first I just wanted to keep swimming, but soon I found that Tiburon is an amazing group of people who do great things out of the pool as well. I love to go to the parties and weekends with Tiburon, especially to the NSZK’s! This is the perfect place to meet and make friends with people all around the Netherlands (and sometimes even the world since there are so many internationals joining ?).


Since I love the NSZK’s this much, it wasn’t a difficult choice for me to sign up to be the swimco either. As a swimcoordinator or ‘swimco’ I’m in charge of writing the practices (sorry not sorry), signing everyone up for the competition and making everything ready for the best NSZK: the one that will be in Maastricht next year ? For this NSZK I will work together with my committee to organize it and the committee will be put together somewhere around February, so if you’re interested you can always approach me!

When I’m not writing practices or working for the NSZK’s, I love watching Netflix or going out to dinner with friends! I’m a fan of all kinds of food (but I’m terrible at eating with chopsticks) so you can find me at all different kinds of restaurants. I’m always open for new restaurants tips, to have a chat (about my lovely hometown) or to talk about swim related issues! I hope to see all of you at practice or a competition this year and remember: Problemen? Poar nem’n!


With love,

Jasmijn van Rossum

Swimcoordinator 2019-2020