Blog postBoard introduction #4 Activity Coordinator Marie


Heyy Sharks!

Today is the day you guys get to know more about me, your Activity Co’ for this academic year hehe. First things first, my name is Marie and I am 19 years old. I grew up and lived my whole life in a small city called Arlon which is in the French speaking part of Belgium.

During my years of high school, I chose to have as many sciences and languages (but not Dutch, oops) classes as I could get. I really wanted to study neurosciences at the time but SIKE, I am a law student now! The reason why I made that switch so suddenly is that I had the opportunity to represent my beloved little country in a diplomacy and leadership program in the USA. That program, as cheesy as it may sound, really changed my life and made me want to study law rather than anything scientific.

When I began my studies in Maastricht, I felt a bit lost and confused because of how different life was. It took me some time to adapt, but once I was fully accustomed to life “far” from home, I signed up to become a member of the association that we all know and love: Tiburón! After a looooong time of not being able to swim due to injuries and other stuff, I was ready to get back into the water. I am still a slow swimmer though, but that’s most likely because I spend more time on the side of the pool than in it (whoopsies).

Becoming a shark might have been the best decision of my student life: not only did it allow me to meet some of my best friends, it also gave me some of the best memories and parties of my life (and an even better alcohol tolerance)! After getting so much positive things out of being a member, I decided that it would be time to give back and that is why I applied to become a board member!

As your Activity Coordinator, I will do everything I can to organize fun activities even if they need to take place online (thanks Miss Rona). Of course, I am not planning it all on my own: I have my incredible Accie with me to make this year count!


I hope that this helped you getting to know me a bit more, but if you have any questions or just want to chat for a bit, don’t hesitate to contact me!

With love,

Marie Munten

Activity Coordinator 2020-2021

PS: My roommate (you might know her since she is also a shark: Céline Didderen) said she would buy me a cookie for this so I had to put it in there: I love my roommate and I love spending time with her <3