Blog postBoard Introduction #2: Secretary Simone


Hello dear Sharks! As you probably know by now, the 19th Board of Tiburón was installed on Wednesday 18 September. In the Board Introduction blogs, we introduce ourselves to you one by one. In this second part of the Board Introduction-series, our brand new secretary Simone will tell you more about herself:

Hi Sharkies!

My name is Simone. I am 20 years old and I am from Oude Wetering, a small village somewhere between Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport and Leiden. Three years ago, I moved to Maastricht to study European Law. After graduating in July, I decided to continue my studies here in Maastricht. I am currently enrolled in the Master Globalisation and Law, with a specialisation in Corporate and Commercial Law.

When I am not answering emails for Tiburón or reading law books (which unfortunately is not as often as I would like), I like to cook and watch series/films on Netflix. So, if you ever want to hang out, chat, go for lunch/dinner, want to have coffee/tea/wine together or need a Netflix recommendation, hit me up! You can always send me an email 😉


When I moved to Maastricht, I already knew I wanted to join a sports association, as they seemed like the perfect combination of exercise and social contacts. I was lucky enough to run into Tiburón at the INKOM Sports Event, and I instantly knew this was the perfect association for me. I loved to swim as a kid, and everyone was super friendly!

During my first year as member, I tried to join as many activities as possible as they are a great way to meet the other members and take a break from university obligations. At the end of my first year, I became more involved by joining the PR committee. I joined the activity committee in my second year, which I was a part of for almost two years. Over the years, Tiburón really has become like a second family to me (cliché but true, sorry not sorry).


This year, I will be fulfilling the function of secretary (or sexytary, whichever you prefer) in the 19th board. As secretary, I am the first point of contact for members. As a result, you have probably already contacted me through email or talked to me at the pool.

Additionally, I am in charge of the blog and the HAAI (club magazine), together with my jawsome HAAI Committee. Throughout the year, you can read all kinds of fun things on the blog! For example, there will be stories about your fellow swimmers’ exchange adventures and recommendations for student-budget-friendly restaurants! Moreover, in the HAAI you can read all the cool stories about our amazing activities and the competition parties. You can already get excited for the first edition, which is coming soon…


I hope to make you all feel as welcome within Tiburón as I always have, and I look forward to getting to know you!


Lots of love,

Simone Daalhof

Secretary 2019-2020


Speaking of activities, don’t forget to write the following activities in your agenda! For introweekend and NSZK, you can click on the name to go to the sign-up form:

25 September – Constitution Drinks a.k.a. Cobo –> Come celebrate the instalment of the new board with us! Wear your Tiburón t-shirt for a discount on drinks 🙂

4-6 October – Introduction Weekend (deadline Tuesday 1 October)


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