Blog postBoard-introduction #2 Secretary Kim


Hi Sharkies,

Here I am, introducing the person behind the emails, newsletters and more! Sooo, my name is Kim and I’m from Eindhoven. Two years ago I moved to Maastricht to start studying medicine. I’m in my third year now and it all goes fine (as far as corona lets it go fine haha). I still try to visit my lovely mom and little, not so little brothers every weekend, as well as my underwaterhockey team in Veldhoven.

You might be wondering what underwaterhockey exactly is. Well, I can try to explain it, but you better can go to YouTube and watch a game or try it out by yourself hehehe. Ive been playing it for 7 years now and still enjoying every practice. Besides that, I started competitive swimming to increase my condition. When I moved to Maastricht, I thought I would stop doing competitive swimming, but during the INKOM I met several people from Tiburón and I loved the association straight away. It was a perfect combination of meeting new people and keep up my condition with swimming during the week. Since last year I joined the underwaterhockey team in Maastricht as well, which trains on Mondays before Tiburón!

Most people see me as one of the busiest persons they know, which you may have seen during my Instagram take-over last Monday ?. Well you can say I just don’t like sitting still and doing nothing. I get energy from the team I train in Veldhoven and the kids at scouting on Saturdays, the parties that go along with that and all the practices I join myself. Of course I also relax every now and then by watching a Netflix movie or series (recommendations are welcome!).

This year, I started fulfilling the function of secretary as you may already have seen. As secretary, I am the first point of contact for members. Additionally, I am in charge of the blog and the HAAI (club magazine), together with my lovely HAAI Committee.

I hope to make you all feel welcome within Tiburón, and I look forward to getting to know you! If you ever have any questions or something else, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always in for a chat ?.

See you!

Kim Zwetsloot

Secretary 2020-2021