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Hi sharks!
Today I will be introducing myself! Since I will be your president for the upcoming year, it might be nice to know something about me. If you ever want to know something else or you are just in for a chat, don’t hesitate to come talk to me or send me a text, I love talking!
To start of basic: I’m Nina, 19 years old and I grew up in Borkel, a small (but like really small) village south of Eindhoven. After an exhausting but fun six years at high school I decided to leave the safe place of my parents’ house and moved to Maastricht, where I started studying at the Hotel Management School. I have been studying hotel management for a little over two years now, and I must say I really enjoy it (most of the time).
Since I was 8 I have been a member of the local swimming association in my hometown, where I followed in my brother’s footsteps and started competitive swimming. It could be said that I am a bad loser, which caused the situation in which I was doing everything that was in my power to win every single competition. As we all know, you can never win everything, and so I sometimes got a little upset when losing. But this is also a beautiful part of participating in a competitive sport. When I moved to Maastricht I knew from the beginning that I most certainly wanted to join Tiburón. My brother just started his board year at our sister association Zinkstuk in Utrecht, and he had been telling me a lot of stories which made me more than excited to join Tiburón.
I can truly say that Tiburón has brought me the loveliest people, drunkest parties and the best memories. My swimming skills might have gotten a little worse (might be because of beer), but without Tiburón my student life would never be as good as it is now. That’s why I decided I needed to give back to the association and commit myself to a board year, so here we are!


During the upcoming year I will be responsible for the communication with external relations, such as sponsors, and I will make sure everyone in my board is doing their job and is having fun. Next to this I will be managing the social media of Tiburón

together with my lovely PR committee (<3). Last but not least, the PR committee is responsible for making events such as the Batavierenrace and INKOM a big success. We hope that we can still be busy with organizing these events the upcoming year, and not have Miss Rona be in the way of our fun.

I think this is about it, but if you ever want to know something else about me, my function or Tiburón, don’t hesitate to contact me!
Lots of love,
Nina Spit
President 2020-2021

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