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We all know that saying: “Swimmers don’t run”!

Nothing is less true, because the weekend of 10th ’till the 12th of May M.S.Z.V. Tiburón will join Europe’s biggest relay run consisting of 178 kilometres from Nijmegen to Enschede with it’s legendary Tiburón Turbo Team!

This relay will be divided in three shifts: Night shift (starting in Nijmegen), Morning shift & Afternoon shift (ending on the campus of University of Twente)! During this event you can run a distance varying from 3.6 kilometres to 10.5, so show us what you have got and train those legs. After this running we will be delighted with pizza & beer and it will end in the biggest student party of Europe with 12,000 students!

Breakfast, dinner, beer and more will be taken care of and you will get a limited edition “Tiburón Turbo Team Batavieren Race 2019” for only €25.- (this might be subject to change.)

There are limited spots available so be quick to sign up! If you aren’t much of a runner you can join the Tiburón Turbo Team’s Cheerleading squad so you can just party with us.

If you have any questions you can always contact Victor or someone from the PR committee!

**Please note that we already received the necessary amount of signups needed for a team! You can still sign up, but will be registered as a reserve and can still come along as a Tiburón Turbo Team supporter!**


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