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Activity Committee:

The activity committee is actually what it says it is: you organize the activities! You are responsible for making the drinks/parties a success and you will take care of the legendary members weekend in May under the supervision of our board member Nina!


Haai Society Committee:

Are you creative but rather write something down than take pictures? Are you the new Shakespeare and do you have fun ideas for a blog? Then the Haai Society committee is perfect for you! Under the supervision of Simone you will issue our club magazine three times a year and a special edition for the INKOM! Next to that, you will write blogs for on our website to keep our members up-to-date!


NSZK Committee:

Every competition weekend is another struggle on who will swim what to help Tiburón reach the top! As any other board member, the Swim Coordinator could use some help and she is hereby supported by swimmers. These members have experience with competitions to ensure that Tiburón will end the highest possible ranking in the student swimming cup!


PR Committee:

You will be in charge of our social media accounts and the promotion of Tiburón! Do you have the best captions or are you a pro in taking pictures? Then we need you! You will also be responsible for the INKOM week in August, where we will attract new members and promote Tiburón as the fun association it is under the supervision  Kristel! And as of last year, the PR committee also organizes the Tiburón Turbo Team during the Batavieren Race which results in the biggest party of Europe!


Webshop Committee:

Do you feel like Tiburón does not have enough clothes to represent itself? Then take care of this with our newest committee! Under the guidance of Sofie, you will take care of the merchandise specially made for Tiburón, which can range from sweaters to bathing suits and even to underwear!



We are a competitive sports club – with our swimmers competing at all levels combined with the best parties!


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