About us

We are a competitive swim team competing at all levels.


Over 200 swimmers!

M.S.Z.V. Tiburón wants to leave a positive impact on swimming in The Netherlands as well as having fun and party with our international community.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or an olympic swimmer! Our goal is to create an environment in which every swimmer can get the most out of their swimming and possibly reach national or an international level, but next to that can also be a student that loves to party.


THE best student swimming club in The Netherlands!

We are a variety of students from all over the world swimming for the greatest team ever, either recreationally or competitively. We have three experienced coaches for all levels of swimming: it doesn’t matter if all you can do is float or swim at a high level, there is something for everyone!

Swimming is not the only thing we have in common, we also enjoy activities ranging from having dinner to going on weekends abroad together.