Blog postA day in the life of the Treasurer & Secretary


This is already the last blog post in regards “A day in the life of a board member” in this last and special edition, you will not only get the life story of one but two board members? 

Without any further ado let’s get right into the life of Julian… 


Hey sharks, 


It is finally my turn to talk about myself, not that I am arrogant, I just love to talk about myself and about all the things you need to know about my function as treasurer. Or actually my function as the most powerful board member. Some will say that the president is more powerful but yeah, sorry no, without me there is no money and if there is no money there is no Tiburón. So think carefully when you choose your board position.  


But enough of my wonderful introduction. Lets start talking about me! And NO I will not make a Netflix story again, don’t worry! So for all new members and old members who only know me as a money taker, my name is Julian and I am your proud treasurer that tries to get most of the money back to you as a member. Yes, that is an ambitious board goal, but I will manage it for you sharks. Lots of love!!! 


My day just start with some general administration tasks like checking the e-mail and paying some invoices. Not the most exciting part of being a treasurer but an important one. I mean I just love numbers and doing business. Next to my own company where I am working on, I do my function at Tiburón, make a budget and try to get the most money out of everything. This is a challenge I give myself, which makes my function a lot more fun. You do have the responsibility to make sure that for example our lovely Jorg stays in his activity budget, but can still create the most amazing parties. Finding this balance is really important and fun to do. 


Next to this treasurer function I am the builder and maintainer of the website we have. (If you want to become a treasurer you will not automatically also be the website guru. This is just a board task I took). To look more professional and to attract more members we decided to build a new website, which is still not finished, sorry. It just takes a lot of time to make a perfect website that suits us. But I promise to finish it before I end my function. 


Of course I am not only working for myself and for Tiburón. In my free time I try (with extra focus in try) to exercise 4 times a week. Yes, I still have a belly, working on it haha. Or I hang out with friends or spent time with my girlfriend.  


If you have any questions regarding my function or just about me, please text me and we will have a chat or a beer/wine bottle?? See you soon sharks, when I am back from my holidays. Just a side note; There is no evidence but treasurers go on holiday more often than the rest of the board members… 


I am just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks. 



Treasurer, Julian 




Surprise, surprise. The last board member that will tell a bit about her life is none other than me, Lisa (jazz hands). By now you probably not reading this blog anymore, since it’s quite long. But I will try to entertain you and give some information what I actually do for Tiburón. 


My day varies depending on my uni schedule, last period I had classes at 13:30. So, I had pretty chill mornings. I have like 6 alarms going off between 8 o’clock and 8:30. After finally waking up, I will have some nice breakfast depending on what I have in my fridge and watch an episode of my Spanish series (telenovela) to get my daily doses of drama. Afterwards I will get ready to go to the ICL, here I read the mail and see if there is something that I need to do first before I start studying. Just before classes I will go to the Mensa to have lunch.  

On Thursday we have meeting with the board, pretty sure someone already told this in their story. We tend to switch location every week, just to keep it interesting. But we tend to skip Julian even though he always volunteers, we are not going to Belgium. Being the secretary is also the reason why I take the notes of the meetings on my notebook. Since I only bike to practice I’m also waaay slower than the rest of the squad (Julian has a scooter so it does not count)I usually type/finish the notes in the weekend. After practice, if I actually swam that night I will have skype session with family back home and if I didn’t swim, this being the case the last couple of weeks or so I will just watch Netflix before sleeping.  

The END. 


Apart of my daily routine, I also meet up with the Haaicie once a month for the Haai (club magazine), write the monthly newsletter and started the blog channel on the website. As a secretary you are usually the first person new members speak to. So, the beginning of the year will be quite busy with the sign ups. But this will eventually fade away making the workload stable and manageable.  


I hope you Sharkies enjoyed this blogseries and got inspired to be next board of Tiburón. As everyone before me already mentioned in their final words, if you have any questions for any board position just text us and we can meet up for some drinks while we answer the question at hand. Have a nice weekend and see you next week at practice!! 


Lots of love,  


Your beloved” SecretaryLisa