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Okee, so this week it is my turn for the series “A Day in the Life of …”, in other words me, Victor, the President. I already apologize for the huge monologue that is about to come forth from my fingertips. You would have guessed they would reconsider after all those times that they asked me to write something and I would write a complete book, but I guess not.  

I’m not gonna fully explain who I am because that is already what I did in the first Haai Society magazine this year. What I will do is explain what I do the moment I wake up to the moment my head touches my pillow again. It all starts at 7:30 when my first alarm goes off which I immediately disable. Then after 5 minutes another one rings which I turn off and this continues for at least an hour. I have no discipline and not really of an early bird. I would rather describe myself as a night owl or permanently exhausted pigeon. But whatever, as I have finally decided to get up I will take a shower and get dressed and the whole shabam. Whilst eating breakfast I will check the Tiburón mail to see if something important is needed from Tiburón or just watch Netflix. As I’m making my downtown, biking fast, faces pass and I’m unibound, I will arrive at SBE where I will work in the morning as a Student Assistant for the Admissions Office. In other words, I will judge if your files are correct, will receive your phonecalls, and answers your emails if you want to apply for a Bachelor or Master at SBE. As I finish up work I will head to my class at 13:30 where I will need to sit out my time. Benefits of being a student assistant: I can schedule in my own classes so it would be “beneficial to my work at Admissions”, gheghe. Finally, class is finished at 15:30 and I head home where I will eat a sandwich and will have a powernap. And no, powernaps are not only for toddlers. FYI: everyone who doesn’t enjoy powernap is not living life to its fullest. 

As I emerge completely disoriented from my powernap I will have a quick dinner and get myself to practice to annoy the shit out of you guys with “Come closer, I have a few announcements”. Because that is one of my responsibilities, be the (ugly) face of Tiburón and be present at all time during events to show it. You don’t actually need to be present EVERYWHERE, but it helps that I have an aggressive form of FOMO, so I will go to every party, every drink after practice, every cobo, etc. After practice I will meet up every other week with the PR committee to decide what we will do during the INKOM 2019 or what we will post on Instagram and Facebook. That is why I am always taking pictures and selfies and videos. Or maybe it is just a cheap excuse to masque my crippling self-esteem and my urge to get strangers validation via likes on pictures that totally not represent my life. Other things I discuss with my committee are the Batavieren Race for example, to make sure that nothing is forgotten and every detail and aspect is fulfilled  


On other days such as Thursday I will have a board meeting for which I need to set up the agenda so everyone knows what happened in the past week and to update each other on events. Other responsibilities which are part of the presidency is maintaining contact with our sponsors (Twee Heeren & Geusseltbad) and staying in contact with presidents of our sister-associations to know what is going on there and to give each other tips and tricks to apply in their own association. 


As I come finally home or kicked everybody out of my house I will brush my teeth, wash my face and fall on my bed to sleep the recommended 8 hours per night in 5 or 6 hours because I will first watch Netflix on my phone in bed. But not after I set my alarm at 7:30 again to start all over again the next morning.  


I think I entertained you enough for a couple of minutes and did not bore you to death with my story. I sincerely hope that you know have a closer insight on what the President does! If you have any questions about it because you are curious in becoming the next president or just want to know how things work in Tiburón, don’t be afraid to approach me! I am more than happy to give you some more information ? Peace out! 


With lotsa love and lobi, 


Your annoyingly President who craves your likes and attention, 


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