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Hellooo! My name is Jorg, and I’m Tiburón’s activity coordinator. Today, I’ll be kicking off the new series of blog posts that will be explaining the ins and outs of a board function! My function basically entails that I have to plan and organise the activities of our lovely association. I do this together with the wonderful activity committee (aka the Accie). We’ve planned activities throughout the year such as the introduction weekend, the Halloween pub quiz, the New Year’s dinner and the upcoming member’s weekend (more info on that coming soon ;p). The best part about my function is that we can immediately see the result of our hard work at the activities we hosted. It’s great to see how much our members enjoy the things we organise for them, it really makes an activity co’s job special. I’m not gonna say my function is easy, but it’s not difficult to combine it with my studies and other stuff. What I mean by this is that I still have plenty of time to watch Netflix like a maniac (which I do shamelessly).

This thingy is called “A day in the life of…”, so I’ll walk you through a normal day in my super interesting life.

So, for starters, I wake up (basic stuff). I usually have two alarms set half an hour after each other. This is so I have a nice amount of time to snuggle up to my pillow and mentally prepare to get my butt outta bed. In these 30 minutes, I also put on some music to motivate me to rise and shine. Jammin’ to some tunes, I make myself some breakfast, which I eat while watching Netflix. After my morning ritual, I go to uni like a good lad. Afterwards, I usually check my to do list to see if some of the activities need planning or if we need to set a date for any new activities. This to do list is like my bible, I wouldn’t get anything done without it. If I forget to add anything to it, chaos breaks out. Anyways, if there’s stuff to be done, I send a message in the Accie group to take care of it or to plan a meeting to discuss it. But the Accie members can occasionally be more attentive than I am and remind the rest of us that something needs to be done. Normally things go smoothly, so activities get planned without too much debate, which is great. If there isn’t stuff on my to do list, I put on some jazz music, make myself a double espresso and indulge myself with a book or a video game. Oh, even if there is some stuff to do, I also make the espresso. Coffee is life. 

On Thursdays, we as the board have our meetings at one of our houses (not Julian’s, that dude lives in bloody Narnia). At those meetings, we have dinner and discuss the ongoing matters of the association. Afterwards, we go to practice, which is followed by our after-practice drinks once every two weeks. Sometimes there’s also a sign-up deadline set at midnight, so I stay up to put all sign-ups into a nicely ordered excel file (nicely ordered so Julian won’t murder me). If I’m not tired by then, I’ll fire up Netflix again until I pass out. 

That about summarizes a regular day, I guess. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something about how an activity coordinator goes about his days. If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t be afraid to holler at me at the pool or send me a whatsapp message! 

Seeeee ya! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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