Blog post5 misconceptions about swimming


Swimming is such a beautiful sport, but unfortunately it’s not appreciated by all and some doesn’t even consider it a sport. Every sport has their own share of misconceptions, since we are a swimming team I thought it will funny to make a list of misconceptions non- swimmers have. Below are 5 misconceptions that many people have about swimming.


  1. Swimming is easy

In the head of most people, relates swimming to chilling at the beach or in the pool during the summer-days. The only swimming that is actually done is a bit of paddling just to move and stay up float. This is a far cry away from what competitive swimming is all about. Not only do you have to do a lot more than just get your body to the other side off the wall, we actually this for at least an hour. On top of that you have four different strokes you will be doing, some more exhausting than others. I’m looking at you butterfly.


  1. Swimming is an injury -Free sport

Consider swimming is a low –impact exercise compared to other sports. Injuries are still more common than most may think. The most common injuries are; Shoulders and knee injuries. The cause could be the overuse of these muscle, this would not happen as easily to most of us since we only swim 2 or 3 times a week. Another more common cause is the incorrect stroke technique. This is why technical part of the practice is as important as the core set.


  1. You don’t sweat during swimming

While you can’t see that you are sweating during a practice. You still do, the perk is that you can’t see or smell it. Don’t worry we have our own special smell after laying in the water calling; CHLORINE.


  1. You win if you touch the wall first.

Touching the wall first doesn’t automatically mean you have won the race, since swimming is a time sport and considering the different series swimming and all competing in the same distance. But, hey it’s is still pretty cool feeling coming first in your series!!


  1. Swimming isn’t a team sport.

From the outside swimming looks like an individual sport, this true to a certain point. You don’t need a certain amount of people in order to practice or to join the competition. Also you are swimming for your own time.  Other than that swimming a total team sport, just the fact you spend so’ much time with team mates at practice, during competition cheering for each other and at the activities. During the competition you not only swim for your own time, but also competing for your team.  So, any one asking if swimming is a team sport the answer is yes, although it’s not like your traditional team sports.





If you have any other misconceptions, leave it in comment box. Hope you enjoyed this blog.


-Lots of lobie Lisa