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Introweekend 2017 registration

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Friday: 29th of September @21.00
Location: Blekerij 60, 6212 XW Maastricht

We will kick off the introduction weekend with a party at Nicole?s Place (Blekerij 60) from 21.00 onwards with lots of drinks and (drinking) games. Tibur?n provides beer and wine, but if you prefer anything else, you might also bring your own (strong) booze. Around 24.00 we will take the party to the city to show the Maastricht night life.?Estimated costs: 2?

Saturday Game: 30th of September @12.30
Location: Market

In the morning you will get the chance to sober up so you are ready to solve the crime. We will meet at 12.30 sharp at the Market to start our activities for the day. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, in which you can walk through the city. Estimated costs: 2?

Saturday Dinner: 30th of September @17.30
Location: De Twee Heeren,?Platielstraat 17-19

After solving the crime and walking around the city for the day we will eat dinner together at the Twee Heeren at 17.30. You can choose between Salad Valdieu, Fish and Chips, Sat? or Tenderloin with mushroom-sauce. The estimated costs for the dinner will be 11,00?.

Saturday Cantus: 30th of September @20.30
Location: SV KOKO,?Gebroeders Hermansstraat 11-13

Luckily your stomachs will be filled with good food for the next challenge, namely the CANTUS! Make sure to wear Tibur?n clothing (or something red) and to behave (not like the old members) so you will not get a punishment by the praesidium. We start at 20.30 and the estimated costs for the CANTUS will be 11,00?. If you are still able to walk properly after the cantus, you can join us showing off our dance moves at De Twee Heeren.

Sunday: 1st of October @13.00
Location: Time Out,?P. Debyeplein 15, 6229 HA Maastricht

To cure the hangover, and since you probably will not be able to make your own breakfast, we will provide breakfast for you at 13.00. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask the other members what you did the night before (maybe they?ll know). The location will be announced later.
Estimated costs: 4,00?

You can join for the whole weekend (DUH), but you can also select the days/activity that you want participate in.

Be aware, once you sign up, the costs will be charged afterwards by Tiburon, even if you don?t show up that day. The cost may vary from the estimated cost, but it won’t be a huge difference.

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Which activities would you like to join?
Friday predrinksSaturday gameSaturday dinnerSaturday CantusSunday brunch

What would you like to eat saturday?
Salad ValdieuSat?Fish and ChipsTenderloin with mushroom-sauceNot joining for dinner

If you have any allergies or a special diet, please leave a message below.

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