M.S.Z.V. Tiburón

Maastricht Student Swimming Team

NSZK Eindhoven 2018

It is almost time for the 3th NSZK!! This will be a very important and exciting NSZK because we are currently on 4th place just after Wave (Delft) and just before Nayade (Eindhoven). This means we really need you guys to defend our place. It will take place on 28 and 29 April in Eindhoven. 

There will be no predrinks! This is due to the fact that it is kingsday Friday. But we as board would like to invite you to join us still to Eindhoven. Because Eindhoven is one of the best cities to celebrate Kingsday and it is still nearby for us!

The competition will take place at swimmingpool the Tongelreep in Eindhoven (Antoon Coolenlaan 1, 5644RX). The pool will be a 50 meter pool. Also there will be a mystery distance, if you are interested in it, let us know in the subscription! You can join with a team of 4 people.
The dinner will be at the same location as the party, and it will be at Demos (Keizersgracht 17, 5611 GC). We will have fries and a snack for dinner. Important!! Do not forget to bring your ID/passport and this time also your studentcard to the party OR YOU CAN’T ENTER! For the people who do a PHD or do not study anymore don’t worry! We will get you on the guest list 😉

You can sign up until the 12th of April, don’t be late because it’s really not possible to enter the competition after the first deadline! Sign up here!